Unfortunately, or fortunately, (yes, tongue in cheek ☺), there is a dearth of finance professionals globally, and there are only so many of us to head finance functions of enterprises globally. Even if a full time CFO is present, it is highly improbable to have the required skills across all domains of tax, legal, strategy etc. Hence, a Virtual CFO creates a unique service offering which combines expertise from different skill sets to offer a bespoke solution to enterprises. An Indigenesis Virtual CFO: 

  • Streamlines Financial Reporting and Compliance;
  • Budgets and Plans for months, quarters and years ahead;
  • Is responsible for Corporate Secratarial and Governance matters; 
  • Examines and devises strategies for risk management;
  • Provides Audit support at the time of periodic audit exercise;
  • Manages legal aspects of the business including but not limited to contracts, IPR, litigation etc.
  • Maintains Investor Relations