Our marketing research and strategy services are designed to assist you in validating your assumptions and identifying the foremost lucrative opportunities within the market. We arm you with the required information to form strategic and tactical decisions so that business objectives are met. We help founders and management to devise strategies around entering new markets, helping them understand the lay of the land better across industries.

Our Market Intelligence team leads this practice where we support clients with:

  • Pre-Entry Insight
  • Feasibility Study
  • Techno Economic Viability Report
  • Market surveys
  • Partner Search
  • Strategic Planning 

Financial reporting and accounting is one of the most critical verticals of any business. Entire decision making in an organisation is guided by financial reporting. It begins from data collection in a standardised manner and ends in periodic reporting in an agreed framework which is beneficial for all the stakeholders.

A financial reporting exercise involves data collection, accounting record keeping and presentation of various financial reports including financial statements. Our team of financial wizards provide bespoke solutions for all types of organisations with a solution-oriented approach.

What follows Financial Reporting and Accounting is Compliance with statutory laws, which can give nightmares if not followed properly. Corporate governance norms stress on statutory compliance being the first order of business for any enterprise to run smoothly.

With our dedicated team of Chartered Accountants, CPAs and Financial accountants focussed on Financial Reporting and Compliance, enterprises can focus on their core competencies and outsource these services to our teams, where we can help with:

  • Financial Accounting – both on premises and cloud based
  • Financial Reconciliations for large sets of data
  • Financial Planning and Forecasting
  • Financial Statements and Reports for management, shareholders, and other stakeholders
  • Institutionalizing Periodic Management Information Systems
  • Audit support to ensure the financial statements are accurate and reliable
  • Financial analysis and interpretive reports

No business on the planet exists without being exposed to risk and with risk there comes a need to assess, identify and mitigate it in order achieve the maximum potential out of resources available and be least impacted by any adverse contingent events.

Our team of experts brings in such domain expertise that helps organisations across any size, industry or geography by giving them a holistic view of the risk matrix around their business environment helping them to scale their business by implementing required control mechanism and periodic checks which ensures that the organisation is achieving desired results.

We help businesses understand and navigate them their risk factors and amend their standard operating procedures accordingly that enables them to be sustainable in such dynamic era.

Our Offerings and Methods:

  • Accounting and finance risk controls; through periodic health checks and Internal Audits
  • Process control risk mitigation; through Internal Financial Controls Audit
  • Financial crime risk control; through Forensics Audit
  • Regulatory risk control; through Statutory Audits
  • Business operations efficiency and effectiveness control; through Management Audits

According to popular belief, Albert Einstein had said, the hardest thing to understand in the world is taxes. While we would not deny the claim of the ultimate genius, we can collectively work towards making it less stressing for enterprises.

The team of tax experts at Indigenesis can help with navigating the complexities of tax systems globally. We are adept at handling both direct and indirect taxes at jurisdictions that we operate in. Following are our strengths across industries and locations:

  • Tax Advisory
  • Compliance with Tax Laws globally
  • Litigation support – representation before tax authorities
  • Tax Research
  • International tax including in depth advisory with regards to Double Taxation Avoidance Agreements
  • Transfer pricing including planning, documentation, pricing audit and dispute resolution

We live in unprecedented times and as the world is shifting trends and norms on an almost daily basis, it has a direct bearing on how businesses operate. In an ever-fluctuating business environment, a business cannot be expected to operate in isolation, there’s a whole spectrum of legal complexities at play, which calls for staying a step ahead.

Indigenesis Consulting has a team of in-house legal experts that can pre-empt these legal variations for you, help you steer your business as per the changing legal landscape and even fire-fight when the need arises.

Our team can help you with:

  • Contracts Management (Agreements- drafting and negotiations)
  • Corporate Governance (Business ethics and compliances)
  • Corporate Law
  • Data Protection and Privacy Laws (General Data Protection Regulation compliance, website terms)
  • Deal Advisory
  • Debt Markets (Mergers, Acquisitions, Joint Ventures, IPOs)
  • Litigation (Employee litigation, Business litigation)

Through our proprietary in-house framework R.I.C.H., we are able to bring to convergence the corporate concierge services that we provide to enterprises. 

Through our four-pronged strategy, we adopt an end-to-end approach where we assist you with right from sectoral analysis and market research to offering handholding and ongoing support.

Research and Analysis

  • Market Research
  • Sectoral Analysis
  • Pre-entry Insight
  • Feasibility Study

Invest and Set-up

  • Business Set-up
  • Potential Site visits
  • Liaising with government departments

Commercial Registrations and Certifications

  • Procedural compliances
  • Business Registrations
  • Licenses and Approvals

Hand-holding & Ongoing Support

  • Legal & Transaction Support
  • Financial Accounting and Business Advisory
  • Tax Advisory and Litigation
  • Regulatory compliances
  • Assurance
  • Human Resource and Manpower

Once market research has been performed and entry to a particular jurisdiction has been strategized, the next step is to go onto actually register the business entity in that jurisdiction. Myriad factors affect the choice of form of business viz.

Liability, Tax, Ownership, Capital and Funding requirement, Complexity and Paperwork.

Given the above factors, there is a need for expert advice on the actual business set up and incorporating of the business entity. Our team can help with:

  • Entity incorporation globally in any jurisdiction
  • Joint ventures
  • Provision of local directors/ officers
  • Registered Office premises
  • Obtaining permits and licenses and post registration compliance

Unfortunately, or fortunately, (yes, tongue in cheek ☺), there is a dearth of finance professionals globally, and there are only so many of us to head finance functions of enterprises globally. Even if a full time CFO is present, it is highly improbable to have the required skills across all domains of tax, legal, strategy etc. Hence, a Virtual CFO creates a unique service offering which combines expertise from different skill sets to offer a bespoke solution to enterprises. An Indigenesis Virtual CFO:

  • Streamlines Financial Reporting and Compliance;
  • Budgets and Plans for months, quarters and years ahead;
  • Is responsible for Corporate Secratarial and Governance matters;
  • Examines and devises strategies for risk management;
  • Provides Audit support at the time of periodic audit exercise;
  • Manages legal aspects of the business including but not limited to contracts, IPR, litigation etc.
  • Maintains Investor Relations